I’m blessed to work with amazing partners to feature their products.

As a brand ambassador and content creator, my goal is to tell a brand's story and communicate their value in such as way as to increase awareness and organic engagement. I have been blessed to work with dozens of brands from around the world. Below are some testimonials from current partners.

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Here are some nice things folks have said.

We at 86A Jeans have had the pleasure to work together with Brian Dempsey, where he has helped us with our marketing and brand awareness online. He has demonstrated extremely strong skills of creativity and high-quality content. We have noticed during our cooperation that we have gained new followers on social media and new online sales due to his contribution. 86A recommends Brian for any future corporation, and we are looking forward to work together with him for many years.

Vidar Persson, Marketing Manager
86A Jeans

IG: @86A_Official

Brian is one of our favorite influencers to work with. He takes stunning images that are professional, creative and refreshing! Brian has done a great job creating an active and engaged community on his Instagram account. We benefit greatly from working with him by seeing an increase in brand awareness and traffic to our website and Instagram account. It’s a pleasure working with Brian!

Crookhorn Davis

IG: @CrookhornDavis

Brian Dempsey is an exceptional and comprehensive talent in the world of social marketing and a working relationship with him is a very valuable asset. His depth of experience in internet marketing and passion for Men’s Styling is a winning combination which easily sets him apart in the realm of online influencers.

Having worked with Brian for several months, the benefits have been immediately apparent. His genuinely passionate approach to the products and brand messaging has brought engagement, growth and excitement around my brand. Brian consistently provides intelligent attention to detail, showcasing products in a warm and charismatic manner which cannot fail to captivate the audience. Brian’s presentation is thorough and of very high quality, across the mediums of photography and video and consistent professionalism is assured.

Exhibiting discernment in his choice of partners, Brian’s work successfully elevates quality brands within the online space. He has much to offer brands by way of his insights, experience and natural talents for this work. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Brian and a relationship which I appreciate and hope will prosper long into the future.

Becca Who, Owner
Becca Who | British Textile Designer

IG: @BeccaWhoDesigns

Working with Brian has given our brand both tremendous exposure in The Men’s Style space, and more importantly, invaluable feedback regarding our user experience and site navigation. Additionally, Brian has provided us with a detailed SEO roadmap to further buildout our organic search profile. Brian’s extensive experience with advising e-commerce companies allows him to consult online businesses in a holistic capacity – covering everything from brand messaging, conversion rate optimization and user experience, down to execution on critical matters such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Build Out and Content Creation. This combined top down and bottoms up approach truly sets him apart, as you are receiving feedback from an accomplished internet marketer who understands how to position your brand from both a higher level messaging standpoint and from attention to technical detail. This cohesive, well thought out blueprint, if applied correctly, should allow your online business to flourish.

Rishi Chullani, Owner
The Dark Knot

IG: @The_Dark_Knot

I originally partnered with Brian at @40_Something_Style because he is an expert creator and I was looking to add some quality creative photos for a campaign. I have had so much fun working with and learning from him. Brian has produced unbelievable photos, introduced me to other great influencers, coached me on techniques and tactics, and has been very supportive of my small business.

My business is thankful to have Brian on the team, and I am thankful to have him as a new friend. If you are looking for a partnership @40_Something_Style is the guy to call (or DM!).

Lyndon Reid, Owner

IG: @Fintoco

Having worked with Brian for a number of months, I can truly say that he is one of the most professional and genuine influencers in the menswear space. I’m very glad that we have been able to partner with him, since his honest nature, gentlemanly style and overall charisma is directly in line with our brand.

It is quite difficult finding influencers who are passionate about the brands that they partner with, but through my dealings with Brian, I can safely say that he is one of the few that truly are.

He has helped us to increase our social media presence whilst also going above and beyond by suggesting improvements that can be made to our garments, leveraging his wealth of personal experience with menswear. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Brian and I highly recommend him to brands and consumers alike.

James Dimovski, Founder
Gallant State

IG: @Gallant.State

We are extremely pleased to have connected with Brian from @40_something_style. As a fine Jewelry company, looking to further promote / develop our men's line of antique rings and accessories, Brian looked to be the perfect fit. His impeccable style and creative approach are what initially drew us to reach out to him as a brand ambassador. Beyond the look, Brian's content is always current and thoughtful. His communication gracious and direct; something we and our customers appreciate. As we look to the future of Hugo Kohl Jewelry and an expansion of our men’s line, we are thankful to have found Brian and his platform - polished, expertly executed, deeply informative and creative, thoughtful and sincere.

Kate Hill, Boutique Manager
Hugo Kohl Jewelry

IG: @HugoKohlJewelry

When Brian from 40 Something Style asked if we would be willing to write a testimonial about the work he has done for our company we didn’t hesitate! We were looking around for Instagram influencers to partner up with and stumbled upon his blog and we are so thankful for everything he has done to put our little brand on the map. Brian’s ability to create content and engage with his followers was beyond impressive. He took the time to have a conversation with us about what our brand was about and what we stood for, then took that and transformed it into social media coverage. More than just the content he posts, his continued effort to engage with his following is extraordinary. Simply scroll through his Instagram and you will see he takes the time to respond to every follower’s comments while continuing to recognize the brands he is representing. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brian and look forward to continuing such a vibrant and successful relationship with him!

J Wingfield Team

IG: @JWingfieldUSA

Brian of @40_something_style has really set a new bar for fashion influencers on Instagram while simultaneously carving out a whole new lane for himself! Out of the handful of influencers we work with here at Level 7 Jeans, Brian has won the 1st place ribbon for communication and content. He is very willing to work with your brand to help promote not just a product, but a well-dressed lifestyle. There is never a lack of communication as he is available via e-mail or DM anytime. He has a lot of valuable ideas and experience that apparel brands really crave in the social media space nowadays, and on top of all that, he just seems to be a great human being! His content looks spectacular every time and his most admirable trait: he is consistent! Brian truly does what he says and it really shows his passion for men’s fashion. He is a great entity to work with and we are grateful to have him on the Level 7 team!

Jacky Huang, Brand Manager
Level 7 Jeans

IG: @Level7Jeans

Brian, aka @40_something_style, to us @liptonpublicity, has been a pleasure to know from the moment we introduced ourselves. We followed his content and found it to be intelligent, timely, stylish and appealing. He is a man of his word when he makes a commitment to work together, extremely talented and very special in this media world of clutter. Our brands have see added impressions and followers that we attribute to his postings.

Shelley Lipton, President
Lipton Publicity, Inc.

IG: @LiptonPublicity

Brian Dempsey of 40 Something Style is the real deal! His attention to the details of social marketing is second to none. From photography, to content, to consistency, Brian is a machine. What is so appealing to us about him, is that he is genuinely interested in his audience, and they absolutely know it. He is charming, personable, extremely informative, and most of all a man of high character. Our association with Brian has been extremely beneficial, and therefore we plan to continue working with him in the future. Based on our success and great working relationship, we highly recommend Brian to firms who would like to greatly improve their reach on social media.

Martin Dingman, Founder
Martin Dingman

IG: @MartinDingman

Brian has been great to work with. He provides valuable insight and strategies focused on growth and branding. The content he helps to produce is amazing and it definitely reflects his expertise and experience in this field. Really stoked to work with Brian and looking forward to future engagements!

Andrew Svisco, Founder
Parkhurst Brand, LLC

IG: @WearParkhurst

From the very first moment, we knew that Brian's love for fashion, unique and timeless style and personal charm fit perfectly with the values of Peter Hunt. Since the beginning of our collaboration, he was fully involved and he always showed true interest in our product, sharing all kinds of quality content with his followers. Right now, we consider Brian more a true friend than a collaborator, and we can't wait to work with him again in the future.

Enrique, Owner
Peter Hunt Shoes

IG: @PeterHuntShoes

Brian is one of the influencers that we have had the pleasure of working with. What immediately attracted us to him is how well he engages with his audience. That in turn exhibits his ability to have an engaging community that is both creative and active. He does a terrific job with displaying the product that showcases the brand well. We look forward to continuing our wonderful partnership with Brian.

Robert Talbott Inc.

IG: @RobertTalbott

Brian is the real deal. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and his creative abilities are through the roof. He can do a lot with very little. As a small business we are proud to say we’ve worked with him and excited to continue to watch as he takes brands and influencers off the runway.

Rob Thatcher, Owner
Rule No. 6

IG: @RuleSix

We have worked with Brian to help push forward some of our new products, as well as improve our marketing efforts across social. Brian always provides on brand imagery and will always alert us when he has produced something new for the team to work with. Brian goes above and beyond to create a great working relationship with brands, often offering advice and suggestions on how to engage with his audience, as well as a wider audience. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brian and look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Perri Palmer, OwnerSmart Turnout

Whenever we share Brian’s photos the engagement is through the roof. Brian is an “influencer”, sure, but he’s more like a customer with a true influence. What I mean by that is, he doesn’t share or represent brands or products he doesn’t truly love himself, and he doesn’t simply snap photos and tag brands. He’s passionate about menswear and takes the time to get to know the brand and not only share his experience with their products but also share the brand story or company history, drawing in real interest and engagement from his followers. He’s simply a customer of ours, but one who believes in our products enough to share his photos and experiences related to them. His content is top ranked, always clean, and does an incredible job drawing eyes and attention. Thanks for your continued support, Brian!

Kevin Wohlman, FounderSouthern Scholar

Brian is such a joy to work to work with, his knowledge, sense of style, easy to work with, enthusiasm, patience, his strengths are endless!

He truly does promote your brand with his creative content, engagements with followers and tags your name where ever possible which puts the focus on your product and focus is what it is all about. I have yet to find another influencer that covers all areas as much and as well as Brian does, his Live Box openings are spectacular!

Brian's creativity with his shots of our products are invaluable to us for reposting, allowing us a variety of fresh content we can use on our own media. We give Brian 5 stars as he is a master in what he does and his willingness to teach you what you need to learn. Most looking forward future projects with him!

Deedee Bak

IG: @StedeMenswear

With his passion for perfection, Brian makes an extraordinary statement with all he does for my brand and engages people with Southern charm. Along with his ability to showcase products that meet his high standards, he has brought not only awareness to my creations but also an appreciation for the design and quality. Brian seeks an in-depth understanding of a brand's message, history and values and tells their story with an impeccable performance in live videos and compelling commentary. I am grateful to Brian for capturing our hard efforts as we seek to bring our brand forward.

Ruth Graves, OwnerS.T.E.P. USA

We had the pleasure of engaging Brian as an influencer for our custom shirts. He is a joy to work with on so many levels. His professionalism is top-notch – which is rare these days. When we encountered an issue he was patient, understanding and did his best to help us make the proper corrections. His content is classy and appealing. He has a strong group of followers and is always responding and engaging with them. You can tell he cares about them as well as his product and his brand. It’s very refreshing to work with someone like Brian.

Debbie MooreVictor Custom