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Until recently I didn’t know “shave oil” was a thing!

So here’s the deal, a couple months ago I received a package from Brothers Artisan Oil and it sat on my night stand ever since. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what “shave oil” was or how to use it. But a couple weeks ago I picked it and decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you, for the last few weeks I’ve been using their shave oil for every shave, and it’s the most amazing shaving product I’ve ever used – IN. MY. LIFE. I use only a few drops from the eye dropper for each shave. The oil has a wonderful consistency – it’s thick and refreshing. I massage it into my stubble and skin which feels wonderful…but the shave!! AMAZING! I’ve used several men’s skincare products, but nothing has made my skin look or feel so fresh and smooth. If you’re a daily shaver, you need to check this out! Heck if you shave at all – get some.

They also carry other products like natural deodorants, beard oils, face masks, and scents.


Brothers Artisan Oil makes truly natural products for the body and home. They believe that people shouldn’t have to pick between good looks and good ingredients.

Brothers Artisan Oil - Shave Oil