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I recently had the opportunity to try a pair of shoes from an amazing new brand, Idrese.

Everyone loves the idea of custom shoes – being able to select the design, colors, sole, etc., but until now getting a pair of custom shoes was incredibly expensive.  Enter Idrese.

Idrese is on a mission to provide premium footwear through traditional craftsmanship and modern innovative technology, revolutionizing the custom footwear market. The goal of Idrese is to help you not only increase the quality of your wardrobe but to express who you are every day, one step at a time. They deliver premium footwear that is durable, fashionable, professional, and provides comfort.

And recently they started providing Goodyear welted shoes at the same amazing price! This is simply amazing. Their shoes are $295 and their boots range from $315-335, an amazing price for the quality of shoes you receive.

Customize your own shoes

One of the neatest features of the Idrese website is the ability to select and customize your footwear from a variety of shoe types from double monks, whole cuts, oxfords, loafers, longwing bluchers, full brogues, Chelsea boots, military style boots, and others. And the process couldn’t be easier.

Simply select your base style and walk through the visual steps where you can custom every aspect of your shoes or boots including:

  1. shoe Style
  2. toe style
  3. soles – Leather or Dainite
  4. toe caps – Cap Top, with or without Medallion
  5. upper material – Box Calf, Full Grin, Kid Suede, Lux Suede, other
  6. welt Color
  7. burnishing

With all these options, your shoes are truly “custom.” And all the way through the process you see a 3D rendering so you know exactly what your shoes will look like.

Predesigned Shoes

Not only does Idrese provide custom shoes, they also have an amazing selection of predesigned shoes to choose from including boots, shoes, slippers and sneakers. They’ve taken some of their most popular designs and made them available on their website.

The style that I chose are the Surpreme’s, one of the few shoes that cannot be designed on the 3D virtual platform. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind brogue that takes traditional colors like brown and cognac, and converts them into a masterpiece that looks like it was carved out of the mightiest cherry oak tree. If you’re looking for classy shoes styled with an attractive finish, the Supreme’s are perfect for you. With a classic wingtip design and detailing, you can wear these with pretty much everything. Handmade with Italian leather with your comfort and taste in mind, these shoes will last for years even with daily wear.

So for truly amazing footwear – whether you want a custom shoe or a classy predesigned shoe or boot, be sure to check out Idrese.