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1. Wear Fancy Socks

Until not too long ago every pair of socks I owned were black. However, when I bought a new suit, the young sales guy tried to get me to buy a pair of striped “fancy socks.” I remember vividly telling him I was too old for them, but I’d give them a try. Now, I wear a pair of fun socks every day. But remember, if you’re looking to elevate your style, don’t get too crazy. Tacos and cartoon characters make great gag gifts at Christmas parties, but they aren’t going to enhance your style. Buy quality socks that will pair nicely with your tie or outfit. Consider the color of your shoes and make sure your socks compliment your outfit. This is one of the easiest, and most affordable, ways to create your personal style.

2. Add Texture

Another great way to add visual interest to your outfit is to add texture. You can do this with ties, pocket squares, sweaters, jackets, etc. You don’t want everything you wear to be flat – all the same texture. Instead of a plain navy jacket, for example, consider getting one with a subtle herringbone pattern. Or add a wool or linen pocket square to your outfit. These will look much classier than the shiny silk pocket squares you often see. You can also pair a wool tie or denim shirt with your outfit.

3. Shine Your Shoes

Look around and you’ll notice that even most guys who wear suits look like they shined their shoes with a snickers bar! Nothing will deflate the look of an outfit more than dull, drab shoes. If you don’t know how to shine a pair of shoes, check out the fantastic video from The Hanger Project below. And if you don’t have time to shine them yourself, you can take your shoes to your local shoe repair shop. Typically, they will shine your shoes for less than $10 per pair. Granted, they won’t put a mirror shine like you can get if you do them yourself, but a clean, polished pair of shoes with fresh edge dressing will go a long way to separate you from the pack.

4. Wear Accessories

Dressing dapper is all about the details. And nothing will elevate your outfit more than paying attention to your accessories. It’s the little things that will set you apart. In a day when everyone carries their cellphone to tell time, add a nice watch your outfit. You can also add bracelets – whether leather straps, braided cord, beads, etc. And you don’t have to spend a lot on them. Check out Etsy to find some great deals. I bought three bracelets from a great little shop on Etsy called JaneRJewelry. Also, as mentioned above, if you wear a jacket always wear a pocket square. That’s what that little pocket is for!

5. Slim It Down

In a day when most guys wear relaxed fit, baggy blue jeans, wearing a pair of slim fit jeans will completely change your appearance. And it doesn’t matter your waste size, you can find slim fit jeans that are a little narrower around the ankle or tapered from the thigh or knee. And in case you’re wondering, slim fit is not the same as “skinny jeans.” You should also check out slim shirts, jackets and dress slacks. Unless you’re hefty around the midsection, you shouldn’t wear a regular cut shirt or jacket. They are typically too loose in the chest and around your waist and will bunch up when you try to tuck them in. The same is true for your pants. For around $15-20 you can take your dress pants and have them hemmed or slimmed up.

What did I miss?

Do you have any other tips to elevate an outfit? Leave some comments below. And be sure to check out my Instagram page- 40Something Style!